About Us


Digital Agency

You understand your customers better than anyone else. We know this and we can help you turn this knowledge into results. We can help you create and maintain an online brand experience that showcases the strength of your business.

We have received serious training in digital from dozens of global and national educational institutions and brands. For 21 years, we have witnessed all the processes and stories of all digital media and tools, from their inception to the present, and we have devoted thousands of hours just to follow the developments and create strategies.

We can add this digital power to your brand with everything from media and tools knowledge to purchasing, marketing, marketplace, software, startup and e-commerce.

Working with Elits means the beginning of peaks in digital, peak cargo numbers in e-commerce, 80% cost reduction in purchases, correct infrastructure installation in startup project works and targeted mid-long term plans, holistic service, plus measurable and sustainable digital investments.